In celebration of our one year anniversary, here are footages of Tarzan's Treehouse, Paradise Pier, Paint the Night Parade, the old Toontown, and other footages from my personal archives.  Like, Subscribe, and Join Membership to enjoy exclusive perks 🙂👍🎉
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THE NEWEST UPDATE! Starting Dec 11, 2023

We will be having CHKMAC time every Monday evening on Youtube FREESUNSETS. CHKMAC, short for Dr. Christine Hye-Su Kim's Music Appreciation Class, is a series of comprehensive online lectures for all levels.  This music appreciation course offers complete overview and analysis of music.

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In the Netflix movie,  🎞️The Pale Blue Eye, Lea Marquis plays the piano accompaniment, without a singer, to Schubert's Der Müller und der Bach, The Miller and the Brook (which, if you know the song cycle and this particular song, you know it foreshadows Christian Bale's character's ending). 🎹 Liszt wrote a solo piano transcription of this song.  Enjoy on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok 🙂 
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